Korea’s leading steel company, Hyundai Steel, has soared as an eco-friendly steel provider with its recent breakthrough with air pollution, where they overcame the chronic problem in the industry through Hyundai’s very own revolutionary technology. 
At Grabit, we produced a series of three animations that visually translate the efficient system Hyundai’s robust steel business operates on and its main components - the blast furnace system, the hydrogen production, and the recycling chain. All videos are available on the Hyundai Steel Official Youtube page.
I led the team in developing the visual story based on the three scripts we were given and storyboarding for all three videos. I developed the overarching visual language of the series by designing the characters and creating style frames for hero moments. I also did the cel animation for shots that required a more complex movement. The images above (including the one at top of this page) are the style frames I worked on.
I joined the team at Grabit Animation Studio (based in Seoul, South Korea) as a motion designer with an emphasis on cel animation. As a small boutique studio, the company was a perfect space for me to grow as a budding motion designer, wearing multiple hats. I was often actively involved in the pre-production side of things, where I developed storylines to find the right visual story to match the client’s vision. To my surprise, it turned out this part of the production was my favorite part! I realized I LOVE pitching story ideas and communicating them through my boards. And this project was one that started it all, as it was my first time drawing storyboards in a professional setting. 
This job with Hyundai Steel being my first and the longest and biggest project during my short 10-month stint at Grabit Studio was one steep yet invaluable learning opportunity. 


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