A fellow animator, Rose Lam, and I were commissioned to create a 60-second animation for Archiplus, an architecture firm based in Hong Kong, that creatively interprets “a day in the life of an architect.” Our client envisioned this world we capture to be fun, surreal, and dynamic, all the while one that reflects all the different hurdles the team at Archiplus has to go through to deliver to their own clients. Based on that, we were given pretty much the free reign to shape everything from the story to the look & feel.
story & visual development
It was important for our client to see an emotional journey in the film that parallels what a designer goes through during their creative process, where they wrestle for innovative ideas, while meeting the changing demands of their client. Centering Abby as our main character based on an actual designer at the firm, we weaved a story following Abby as she goes through what feels like a surreal obstacle course, where doors open to the unknown abyss, a head morphs into a bomb and a hammer, and smoke grows into an elephant head. 
As the borderline fever dream of a film finally arrives at a festive office party dunked in the golden hour glow, the film celebrates the creative process behind Archiplus projects. In the spirit of bringing the designers’ craftsmanship and artistry to the forefront, we envisioned the film to be heavy with textures and dense with a hand-drawn sensibility.

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