I’m Jee, a motion designer based in NYC and Seoul. I care about telling good stories! A big part of my creative practice is telling character-driven visual stories.

After studying Communication Design in Washington University in St. Louis, I worked at the NYC office of the production company 1stAveMachine. As a part of the Creative Development team, I collaborated with directors and executive producers to create pitch decks that won million-dollar jobs with clients like Samsung, Starbucks, and Gatorade. During COVID, like many of my Millennial peers, I went back to my home city, Seoul, where I worked as a motion designer at Grabit Animation Studio.  In the years following, I spent my time in the MFA Computer Arts program in School of Visual Arts expanding my creative process through 2D animation, stop motion, and riso animation. For my thesis, I wrote and directed an animated drama about a complicated father-son relationship called, "GrownUp."

Recently, I've worked on some exciting projects with great creatives like Scholar, Duo Design, and Archiplus.
Okay,  career talk over. Now some ACTUAL bits about me as a human:
​​​​​​​I LOVE watching films. Or more precisely, I love TALKING about films. Sometimes I'm not sure if I watch films because I enjoy them for what they are, or because I enjoy analyzing every building block of the story. And yet, I'm still a closeted movie lover because my hopelessly limited list of films I've watched makes me self conscious about claiming myself as one.  I haven't watched Inception yet - burn me alive already.  

When I'm not working, I love being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, snowboarding or simply running. I bike around the city all the time almost exclusively to my carefully curated playlist “Melancholic Cotton Candy," pretending I'm in a music video. I also like to analyze my own psyche through writing (some call it journaling, but let's not get all technical here) - check out my Medium blog for a peek inside my head.  For therapeutic purposes, I regularly visit Trader Joe’s for their roasted almonds and honey crisp apples. 
I'm always open to meeting more creatives and collaborating, so feel free to contact me at:
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