It was finally time I faced my fear of 3D animation. 
With a step-by-step tutorial from my wonderful instructor, I modeled and animated a bridge that bends. Because this was going to be a dynamic shot where the camera follows behind the characters from a lower angle, getting the perspective right for the frame-by-frame character animation was going to be a challenge. 
I placed two rectangles roughly the size of what my characters would be, and animated their positions as stand-ins for the characters. Once I locked in the timing of the camera movement as well as the placeholders, I exported the C4D movie into Adobe Animate where I made a rough pass of the character animation. 
After compositing the rest of the elements and bringing the sequence to a good place, I cleaned up the character animation and filled them in with solid colors in Animate, which I then exported to Photoshop to add highlights and shadows frame by frame.

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