Stop motion is painful but rewarding. 
3D opens doors, so suck it up and learn it. 
Compositing is like the seasoning of a dish - without it, even your best ingredients feel out of place. 
Also, am I doing this right???
Or more importantly....WAS ALL OF THIS WORTH IT?!

PICTURED: me about to take a triumphant bite of an apple after I was done with Part 02

Never mind the perpetual angst of shedding blood, sweat and tears that end up resulting in...mediocrity. I learned incredibly a lot from this project - just pure techniques and skills (i.e. stop-motion, Cinema 4D, etc.) I had kept delaying for "some time in the future." 
Even if I look at it now and I am ready to pull apart everything that's wrong with it, it would be grossly misguided - and frankly, just straight up arrogant - to think I could've done "better." I did my best in the level I'm currently at, and I thoroughly enjoyed every step of it. I am thankful for the journey and am excited for a bigger journey ahead (a little too soon actually) - my thesis this upcoming academic year!
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