For this project, I was approached by Concert Design, a concert programming agency in Korea that specializes in planning and promoting classical music concerts, to make a short animated sequence for the intro and outro of an upcoming virtual concert. This virtual event was the agency's pandemic-time solution to their annual tour around prisons, where a small ensemble of musicians would travel around the country to bring live classical music to inmates.
Because I was given the creative freedom to fill the first 10 seconds however I saw fit, I wanted to make something that could inspire a sentiment of hope to the audience, who was likely to be locked up. After hearing the beautiful cover of Mozart's  "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the tour playlist, I was struck with the imagery of a little girl looking out the star-filled night sky. I developed the rest of the sequence with a heart wishing this short bit could inspire the inner child of the viewer - whoever that may be - to find wonder in the darkness. 
The outro was essentially an animated illustration where the concert credit could roll out. (Click image for the full video)
It was truly a privilege to be able to participate in the agency's effort to bring art into one of the darkest spaces in modern society. 
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