This music video reimagines the opening of a rock musical in animation.
My animated music video “Skidrow,” visualizes the opening score of an 80s horror comedy rock musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.” The objective of the project was to develop a visual language and design motion treatments that are appropriate to the story and vibe of not just this particular score, but also the entire musical. I particularly focused on bringing the emotionality of the story to the forefront, as it is my personal goal as a creative to make all my works an opportunity for an emotional connection. I believe human emotions are a universal language humanity speaks, one which transcends time, place, and culture, to communicate and connect with each other. Finding an emotional connection in the mundane or the least glamorous parts of our lives has the effect of giving meaning to the everyday we take for granted or even deem as insignificant and unworthy. For this piece, I saw Seymour’s lamenting of his own fate in the poverty-ridden Skidrow as this exact opportunity for re-contextualizing of the insignificant.
Below is the storyboard animatic that I created for the purpose of mapping out the story. For a more detailed look into how the music video came together, check out BEHIND THE SCENES
스키드로우 (Skidrow)는 1986년 제작된 록 뮤지컬 영화, "Little Shops of Horror"의 오프닝 곡을 애니메이션으로 재해석한 작품입니다. 흥겨운 비트와 멜로디와 달리 주인공의 욕심으로 무시무시하게 커진 식인 식물이 결국 주인공을 잡아 먹어버린다는 어두운 내용이 이 영화의 반전 매력이라고 느꼈습니다. 이에 영감을 얻어 귀엽고 컬러풀한 그림체를 통해 오프닝 가사 속 가난을 탈출하기 소망하는 빈민촌 속 주인공의 이야기를 담아냈습니다.
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