In this animatic, characters from a detective drama are brought to life. The audio was taken from an episode of the old-time radio podcast, Down These Mean Streets, which brings back detective adventures from the Golden Age of Radio. 
Making "A Law of Physics"
For this animatic, my main objective was to design keyframes that push the boundaries of traditional animation. This meant incorporating different styles of rendering without letting the visual variety distract the flow of the story. While the project felt like one big wrestle between me and my urge to fall back to the comfort of visual conventions and static compositions, I became significantly less constrained by such concerns over the course of the project.  
1950년대 인기를 누렸던 라디오 드라마 쇼, "Down These Mean Streets"의 에피소드에서 발췌한 오디오 클립을 바탕으로 만든 애니매틱입니다. 50년대 아메리카나 특유의 모던 디자인과 색감에 영감을 얻어 캐릭터를 디자인하였습니다. 
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