I’m Jee Kim, an illustrator/designer based in NYC and Seoul. I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Computer Arts at SVA.
I see human emotions as a universal language humanity speaks, one which transcends time, place, and culture. The reason we can celebrate diversity is because, at the core, we are all marked by the same seal of humanity - the ability to experience emotions. Bringing this common human experience to the foreground, my creative work focuses on using emotions as a means to communicate and connect. 
Other than nerding out about art, I love being active outdoors, whether it’s hiking, snowboarding or simply running. I've also been increasingly enjoying writing - check out my Medium blog for a peek inside my head. For therapeutic purposes, I regularly visit Trader Joe’s for their roasted almonds and apples. 
I'm always open to meeting more creatives and collaborating, so feel free to contact me at:
or SAY HELLO on this website.
To view my resume, click here.
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