Everything up until now was all just setting up for this final effort. Here's the breakdown of how the music video was actually executed.
So the production began. This process had two parts: drawing in Photoshop and compositing in Aftereffects. 
First and foremost, I had to draw all of my environments and characters before I could composite them into a full animation. The systemized color-scape essentially become a project schedule for me to keep track of what drawings I made and had to make.
I tackled the drawings in the order of how much they intimidated me; solving complex compositions earlier in the process definitely helped me figure out simpler compositions as well as to just gain confidence and momentum in my process. I mostly drew the environments first and then went back to draw in the characters. This was to make sure that if I end up treating the environments a little differently, I wouldn’t have to go back and redraw all the characters to make sure they don’t visually compromise the composition. Since creating a seamless walk-cycle was something I had little experience with, I drew and animated silhouetted figures first as a way to practice before animating my main characters. 
Key environment drawings
Some animations were done purely in Aftereffects - the good old manipulating of position/scale/rotation keyframes; some were done using the video layers in Photoshop; and some were drawn frame-by-frame in Photoshop but later composited within Aftereffects to best calibrate with the beat of the music. 
Key character animations
All the elements were drawn in Photoshop and exported in separate layers as PNG files...
...to be composited in AfterEffects!
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